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Generate certificate as pdf and send link via email




I've got details of course participants in a table (Name, email, Course Name, Date). At the end of a course I want to send out electronically generated Certificates of Attendance (see sample below)

I was hoping to be able to generate a pdf based on a template, where Name, CourseName and Date are automatically inserted and the link to that pdf is sent to the email address.


Dear [Firstname}

Thank you for participating in [CourseName]

Please find your Certificate of attendance here: [link]




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hi @drckarcher! most of the time when I want to implement something that's not possible in Caspio, I make use of Zapier integrations. Out of curiosity, I searched for possible apps to connect to Caspio via Zapier and I found Accredible Certificates. Depending on your workflow, there are options here that lets you automate creating  certificates triggered by Caspio data actions.

I haven't tried this yet but I hope this helps!



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If you have a fillable PDF template and if your plan includes the document generation feature, you might be able to use it for this: https://howto.caspio.com/document-generation/mapping-templates/

Once the template it mapped, you can then just use the deploy URL of a details DataPage where the link to download the PDF certificate can be access. You can query string your parameters through the deploy URL and filter the Details Page based on predefined criteria so the participant can only view their own PDF. 

You can then send these emails via triggered action and run them so that when the status of the course is updated and changed to end/closed, the trigger runs and sends these emails to the participants.

Just a suggestion^

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