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Caspio Is Free of Charge for Apps To Help Ukraine

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The Caspio platform is free of charge for producing non-commercial apps in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugee crisis. If you need an app, please post your requirements here, and we will do our best to match you with someone who can build it. Caspio developers: we call on you to join the mission.

For non-profits or people with ideas: please post your idea here without revealing any confidential details.

For volunteers who can help with the app development: post your website or contact details here.

Read this press release for the complete details: https://www.caspio.com/news/articles/caspio-provides-free-no-code-platform-to-help-ukraine/

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Thank you, Caspio, for offering this.

I unfortunately do not have the bandwidth to take on any projects at the time, but I can offer some free consultations.


To schedule a time, visit https://lightbulb.as.me/consulting and choose a time.

To get a consultation for free, use the coupon code свобода.

Somewhere in the form, add your Caspio account id so I can confirm you have a free Caspio account.


Stay safe!



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What a great idea,  Although this might be considered a commercial app, I actually plan to give access to use if at no charge.

I have been developing a spread sheet to generate passwords, especially for my not to computer literate wife... 

I am quite OK in the generation of the Tables and Data sheets for the collection of the information for generating the form for each password to be generated, where I am looking for help is two fold. 

1.  Passing some of the collected fields to the Google Spreadsheet, for it to generate the password.

2.  Retrieving the generated password and placing it into the Table record generated from the form

Once I have done this I would generate an enquiry form to retrieve the User information and the associated Password for placing into the application that requires this

If this passes muster, I can supply the google spreadsheets and the form to collect the client information that is to be passed to google sheets.


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