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Send Birthday Note to Customers



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Hello @GeorgeTheJungle,

I can share the Task example to send an email 2 days before the birthday. 

1) The Table design example: 


There is the Date_Of_Birth field that has Date/Time data type and stores the date of birth. 

I added the Birthday_this_year field with the Text(255) data type. 


2) The Task is set to run daily. Since the Actions Blocks are executed in a top-down hierarchy, we update the Birthday_this_year value as the  first action, and we select the records where Birthday_this_year is in 2 days as the  second action. 


This Task doesn`t consider birthday on February 29. 

3) Table for better visualization: 



If anyone has other examples of the Task, please share.


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This is a great method for accomplishing this task. I have been using it for several months. However here is a problem I just ran into using this method. Hopefully someone has a fix. 

I use the Birthday_this_year column in my data page search. Unfortunately when you use the calendar popup it searches for 01/03/2023 but this task puts the date in the field as 1/3/2023 and therefore this record does not show up on a search. Any help on eliminating the "0"s in the popup or adding them in the task?

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Hello @Tommy

Actually, I am reviewing the Task I provided in this thread and I think that the 'Birthday_this_year' field is redundant. 

The SELECT statement in the 'Send email' block should retrieve the correct day by using the field that stores the original day of birth.

Though if you use the 'Birthday_this_year' field for the search, please test the following approach: 



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