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Return different text in email notice in reponse to answer in form



Hi, all.  I'm looking for help customizing the email notifications that go to the user after form submissions. I want different users to get different email contents, depending on how they answered a question in the form.

For example, if one of the fields asks the user to select a year (2022 or 2023), then the email the user receives would say something like, "Thanks for signing up for the 2022 event. Here is a list of sponsors for 2022" ... followed by the sponsors for that year. But if 2023, were selected, the user would then see a completely different set of sponsors, specific to that year. (I know how to display only the year that was chosen in the form, since that's just a straight insert.)

Thanks in advance!

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If you need to pull up  a list of records from another table based on the submission then you'll probably need to use a triggered action as mentioned by @KlisaN137

You can either manually type your sponsor list like what he did in the screenshot or you can put it in a table and have one column for the year and another for the sponsors like this:
Then on the triggered action, use a table variable to get the filtered list by joining #inserted and the sponsor table using the Year field.


Then you'll use that variable in the message body to return the list. But one thing is that it gets the table header. That's why I put a <table> tag for it so it will look like a proper table and you can distinguish the table header from the results.

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