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Show phone numbers and addresses as 1-click phone use



Building an app to run on phones, two of my columns are phone number and address, and I want them to appear as links that launch the phone and call the number, or launch Google maps with the location or some such.  Right now they just show up as text.  Any help here most appreciated, many thanks -t

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19 hours ago, Harpreet said:


Got it - the key was when you uncheck that HTML Editor box, it converts your HTML into something like:

<a href="tel:[@field:Phone]">[@field:Phone]</a>

Need to re-type it as original, and now it works.  Many thanks!

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Needed an extra step
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Was not able to check my notifications but glad you were able to make that work. For the address part, I am not that familiar with it but I saw this thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1300838/how-to-convert-an-address-into-a-google-maps-link-not-map

Basically, if you need maps to open, you'll make your address a hyperlink and use the query on the top voted comment to search for that address. Disadvantage is, if your value is a text and not a coordinates, the result might not be accurate.

Same procedure as the phone, use HTML block and put in source

<a href="https://maps.google.com/?q=[@field:Address]"> [@field:Address] </a>

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