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Only desktop site to show Datapages on mobile?



Hi there,

I build a simple  form to search on table and it's working fine on desktop, when I try it on mobile(android) nothing shown "just empty screen" the  only way to see the form is to change the view to " Desktop site" from the mobile browser "chrome" after that all things working well.

not all users will know and do this change, how to solve it to work directly on mobile.


- Am using this line direclty https://c2acp467.caspio.com/dp/3dd3a00042ccdf56c23b44869417



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Hello @AhmeAlnaqa,

As I can see you created a Searchable List Report DataPage and made the Search button hidden by applying CSS.

You may want to check this article https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/responsive-datapages/responsive-behavior-on-tablet-and-mobile/

Please note that when the Report with the Search form is opened  on a mobile, the user can only see the Search button (without search fields):


And only when the user clicks the Search button, the search fields becomes visible:


Since on your DataPage the Search button is hidden, the user can only see the blank screen.

Hope this makes sense.

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