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Calculated Value Field Not Working With Button Click



Hi, I have a submission datapage which has three groups of elements

1. 3 buttons (Javascript) each aligned to 3 respective text fields Which when clicked, enters a string into the relevant text field.

2. 3 text fields which takes the string from the respective button click event OR a direct entry from the user

3. A calculated value in a text field which monitors the state of each textfield and give a score when the each text field is populated.

The problem is that the entry to the text field using the button click event doesn't register to the calculated  value field but it does register if I manually enter a string to the text fields.

I'm using the following formula in the calculated value

WHEN ([@field:Manufacturer]>"") AND ([@field:Model]="") AND ([@field:Serial_Number]="")
WHEN ([@field:Manufacturer]>"") AND ([@field:Model]>"") AND ([@field:Serial_Number]="")
WHEN ([@field:Manufacturer]>"") AND ([@field:Model]>"") AND ([@field:Serial_Number]>"")

Here's the javascript code to button number 1:-

</script><input type="button" value= "Click here" id="button1" /> if Manufacturer Unknown
<script type="text/javascript">
document.getElementById("button1").addEventListener('click', function () {
    var text = document.querySelector('[id^="InsertRecordManufacturer"]');
    text.value = 'No Manufacturer ID';

I'd welcome any suggestions or help with this.

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