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Description Field in the Data Table



In the table design, there is the Field Name Column and the Description Column

My questions in my table are longer than what is allowed in the Field name. What purpose does the description serve. Is that field to be filled out too? I do not see where it appears on the form when launched.

Also, After I have made a data table and a form, I would like to add another field and place it somewhere other than at the end of the form. Is this possible?

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When you are designing a table the field name is where you define a place to store data. Your just giving it a name which is a way for you to reference data later on. The description column is used just for notes to yourself as to what type of data will actually be used in that field.

An example of a table design might look like this:

field: car

field: doors

field: color

* you have a 32 character limit for giving fields names

So if I saved this table then I have 3 fields in my table....once your table is saved in caspio then you can add data to the fields. You can either double click on the table you just created or single click and hit the open icon. Now you will have the rows (much like in excel) the column headings will be what you just created (assuming the above example)

car doors color

my rows could look like this then

acura integra 2 blue

subura wrx 4 black

lexus gs 400 4 white

hope this helps

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The FieldName, which is most used for programming, must start with a letter and can only contain letters, digits, or underscores up to 32 characters. You can add note in Description, which is for internal use.

In DataPage, the displaying name of Field is Label, which can be changed in the DataPage Wizard.

To change the order of your fields, select the desired field to move. Then click the Move up or Move down buttons. http://howto.caspio.com/tables/modifying-tables.html

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