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HTML blocks on Details datapage do not hide fields between them



I am trying to follow this tutorial https://www.caspio.com/tutorials/knowledge-base-application-building-app-interfaces/ in order to have into my dashboard one box with the count of some records.

I built a Details Datapage like the follow where:

  • HTML Block 1 - to contain the <div> stuff AND the <table style="display:none"> tag to hide following fields
  • OP. BASE - is the Calculated field. the one referred as [@calcfield:1#] into the div
  • citta - is a field of the table. According tutorial you can choice any field you want, I picked a field that is never empty
  • HTML Block 2 - To contain the closure </table>


But when I display this data page fields between the two HTML blocks are not hidden. The preview is this:



What it souns strange to me is that inspecting into the page I see fields OP. BASE and citta outside the HTML <table> tag.  Anyone can see why it doesn't work like tutorial shows?







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22 minutes ago, kpcollier said:

Not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but I use a different but similar way to hide fields with 2 HTML blocks.

First HTML block:

<div style="display: none;"><div>

Second HTML block:


Thanks @kpcollier it works!

I was trying to follow the tutorial, pheraps it should be updated.

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4 minutes ago, vidierre said:

I was trying to follow the tutorial, pheraps it should be updated.

If I remember correctly, the way you tried previously is for datapages that do not have 'Enable Responsive' checked. We use to not have that feature, so I guess this tutorial was created before that change. I don't think the solution I shared works for pages with Responsive turned off. So, it is handy to know both of them.

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