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Does Authenticated Table Update During Session?



I was trying to use my authenticated users table to keep track of a value that I wanted to keep available for each user. For the sake of discussion, assume it was a value that said the user was usually working on the Adam file, but that from time to time the user might change it to Baker, Charlie, or so forth. I wanted that value present, at login, as a default for each user, because I then use that value as a default authenticated data field value in various forms the user encounters during a session.

The behavior I am observing, however, is that, if that value is changed during a session, the users table updates, but the value that gets stamped if I use it as a default authenticated field value in a subsequent form is the value that was present when the user logged in.

If my observation of the db behavior is correct (and not some other error I have made), is there a way to force the value to correctly update?

Alternatively, is there easy way to read this value and set it as a variable/parameter, so that I can stamp the variable/parameter. It seems like this alternative will work, but it seems like I will have to create some hidden sequence otherwise meaningless entries to have an opportunity to set the variable/parameter.

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