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Copying Datapages without losing settings



I often want to make a second copy of a working datapage and the attached table so that I can experiment without effecting the current design or data. I can copy the datapage and table without a problem, but once I go to edit the new datapage to attach it to the copy of the table (\"select data source\" field) I lose all my settings. Since the tables have identical fields is there a way to retain the settings once I select the new (identical but different name) table?

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Thanks for the response but the problem is not with the copying the datapage, the problem is that once I change the table source from the original table to the new table. In other words if I have a datapage form named Form1 and is using Table1 and say I make a copy of both, with name Form2 and Table2. At this point Form2 works great but it is still using Table1 as the source. If I go in and edit to use Table2 and click \"next\" I no longer have the setting since it is based on a new table, even though the field are identical. THE SOLUTION: What I had to do to make it work was export the copied datapage (Form2), then open the xml file and in the file change DataSourceName=\"table1\" to DataSourceName=\"table2\". Finally import the xml file back into caspio and all works.

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