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Can I be notified of which users login to my Search form



I have a consultant company, and I have created a â€Search and Report†application, where my customers can log in and see which of our consultants that are currently available.. However, I have three questions:

1. Is it possible for me to create a function so I am notified with the username, whenever a user logs in, and how do I do this? (This is very easy to do for “Web formsâ€, but I don’t know how to do it for “Search and Report†forms)

2. I have different types of customers that need to see different consultants. Is it possible to define user groups in some way, so the user only see certain types of consultants that are relevant to that user?

3. When building the application I can choose between having a “Search Form†or having “Predefined Criteriaâ€. However, I would like to have a predefined criteria (I would like to display all consultants from start), but still give the user the option to search within that predefined criteria.

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I have tried a few solutions, but none are really working:

1. First solution was to create a submission form with a \"Username\" and \"Password\" field. This form then notifies me with the username and passes the the two parameters to the \"Search and Report\" form.

The problem is that I cannot autosubmit those parameters, and the user then has to press \"Login\" twice, which seem unprofessional.

2. My second solution was to try to \"grab\" the username in the and send it to myself. If I in a html header in the search and report form writes the following Javascript code:

var username1 = \"[@authfield:Username]\"


I am able to store the username in a variable and write it to the screen. The problem is that I cannot figure out a way to send this to myself or notify myself in some other suitable form.

I hope anyone can help.

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