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Data transfer is calculated in what way?



Caspio Bridge calculates data transfer in a certain way.
I've been using Caspio for two months (I'm still developing my apps). As I make changes within Caspio Bridge, I am constantly reloading/refreshing a separate web browser. My maximum data transfer is really being consumed by this!
Are these data transfers charged to my account if I use the Caspio Bridge's window to inspect my changes (as annoying and clunky as it is)?
How can I develop (and review) my apps without eating up my data transfer limit?

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Hi @olivertwist0404! Here are some examples of account data transfer that are effectively unlimited:

- All interactive importing and exporting of data and apps. This includes all user-initiated import/export, but does not include DataHub activities.
- All uploading and downloading files within the account.
- All development activities such as creating and editing DataPages and other objects within the account.

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