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Display Icon when date field is 60 days from SysUTCDateTime()



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Hi @Hiperf,

I agree with kpcollier`s comment. Please use 'day' instead of 'year'.


According to your description, the 'LeaseEndDate' date is in the future. Am I right? 

I am mentioning this, since the order of the arguments in the DataDiff() function matters.

For example, the  'LeaseEndDate' date is in the future and you need to calculate the the difference in days between this date and today.


Formula 1: DateDiff(day, [@field:LeaseEndDate], SysUTCDateTime()), where LeaseEndDate is 01/14/2023 and today`s date is 11/15/2022.

                       Output is -60 (so the output is a negative number)

Formula 2: DateDiff(day, SysUTCDateTime(), [@field:LeaseEndDate]), where LeaseEndDate is 01/14/2023 and today`s date is 11/15/2022.

                     Output is 60  (so the output is a positive number)


If you use this formula on the Submission form or Details page, you may use Virtual field that is set to Calculated Value and apply the formula there. 

For example, I used the "Continue next element on the same line" option to place the alert next to the field: 

I deleted the label for Virtual field: 

And applied the following styles in the Header section (disable HTML editor before pasting, change the number of Virtual field if needed, add the properties you need to apply)

  color: red !important;




Hope this helps.

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1 hour ago, Hiperf said:

I have a field called LeaseEndDate. I need to display an icon or the word ALERT when the LeaseEndDate is 30 days out from the current SysUTCDateTime() and another that is 60 days out. I know this is simple, but I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get it to work.

This is what I have so far:

WHEN DateDiff(year, [@field:LeaseEndDate], SysUTCDateTime()) BETWEEN 0 and 30
WHEN DateDiff(year, [@field:LeaseEndDate], SysUTCDateTime()) BETWEEN 31 and 60



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