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Export to Excel and keep Caspio carriage returns?



I suspect that this cant be done but just checking, since I presume Excel can only import basic string/delimited data.  I have a calculated field in Casio that uses CHAR13 to make a mailing address using name+address+city+state+zipcode and putting it in the calculated field with hard returns:

'[@field:First_Name]'+' '+'[@field:Last_Name]'+', MD'+CHAR(13)+'[@field:Address]'+CHAR(13)+
'[@field:City]'+', '+'[@field:State]'+' '+'[@field:Zipcode]'

City, State Zipcode

But when exported that field just comes across as a run-on address, where it honors the "spaces" but not hard returns:

Bob Smith1313Lawyer RoadCincinnati, OH 45223

Limited by how Excel imports data?



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Hi @roattw,

I just tried the formula you have in your post. And it worked as expected, I suggest to enable editing on your excel file then double click on the cell with the Formula to resize the cell.


I'm not really sure if that is what you meant on your question in the thread. 

If it's not, can you explain your question more?

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