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More info for [@authfield:FIELDNAME]



Can someone provide more information or documentation for the usage of the [@authfield:FIELDNAME] method for accessing a field value from the authentication table;


Once a user is authenticated, is this method available to use on any datapage regardless of whether the datapage is in an authentication controlled folder or not?

I read about it in a previous post but have not been able to figure it out...if true the documentation is non-existent.

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Hi Allan,

If the form is authenticate in Caspio Bridge you can get the authentication table info calling the variable as [@authfield:FIELDNAME]

for example in the header of your DataPage you could have

Welcome [@authfield:First_Name]! just to welcome the user who logged in. However if the DataPage is not quthenticated meanning that it is not inside an authenticated folder so there is no authentication and no session to keep track.


B. M.

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Hi Bahar,

Thanks for the follow up. I understand what you were saying. But my intention (and I suspect the desire of many other users) would be to access the authenticaton info outside any datapage (authenticated or otherwise).

Using the example you just gave, it would be best implemented outside the datapage (in the upper right corner of the web page containing the datapage to show the user who's logged in and to allow them to modify their account settings). Presenting the information withing the datapage would be non-standard and not typical of the numerous web sites that the users would be familiar with (Amazon, etc.).

I don't see why once authenticated that info cannot be persisted and accessed outside any authintication framework to assist a developer in tieing an application together.

Is there a way to pass the caspio authentication info to session variables on the users server for future access during the session? Would it be possible to create a datapage that sets session varibles on the user's web server? I'm not sure how this would be implemented...

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Hi @allansheth,

They have documentation for this, you can check this link: https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/parameter-types/;

  • Authentication Fields- Similar to Data Source fields, but they are from the authentication data source fields. One common use is to apply the user id of the app user to new or update submission to track which user inserted or updated the record. The notation for these parameters is as follows: [@authfield:First_Name]. Note that the DataPage must be authenticated in order for these fields to be available.
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