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Need to display map data on my search page.



Hi, this is the second time I've posted this question. I posted it yesterday but it got removed for some reason. I'm guessing that it was accidentally removed along with all the ... posts.

Anyway, I've created a homicide database. I'd like to display a map with all of the homicides on it. I'd also like to have my search box on that page so users can sort the data anyway they like. I've got to the point where I can display a map along with the search box but the map comes up blank. When I do a search, I can get a map that has the correct data on it. I just need to pass this data to the search page.

Here's the page: http://www2.gazette.com/homicides/

Any help, insight, a hint at a direction would be appreciated.

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Plots on the map could be populated only when results are retrieved from the database and that is why on the search form map is blank since no query is driven yet. But a workaround is to include the search form on the page where you have results deployed and this would need an additional DataPage. So basically you could create two DataPages, one just as a search form and the other one as a results form then you could deploy both on the same page.

Attached is a step by step instruction which shows you how to create two Datapages one as search passing parameters to the other one as results.


Bahar M.

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