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Sending acknowledgement email after edit



I have a Web Capture that allows the user to fill in a bunch of info. At the end, he picks a "recipient" from a dropdown list of contacts. That recipient gets sent the Acknowledgment email.

Now, that recipient can choose to go to the form and make changes to what the first user submitted. When he does, he gets to choose another recipient. This is an "Update Existing Record" form.

I need people to be able to revise and choose a recipient a bunch of times for each form submission. My problem is that the "Update Existing Record" form doesn't send the acknowledgement email. Even if the user makes changes and chooses a different recipient. The changes get made in the table, but no email gets sent.

I know I can use the "Notification" email to send emails to someone every time a change is made, but that's not quite what I need. I really need anyone who edits the a record to be able to choose an email recipient.

Is there any way to do this?

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