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Associate display images with users




I have an authenticated datapage. It's authenticated off a table containing (a) username (B) password © display name and (d) image.

I'm only requring users to submit (a) and (B), then on their data display page I'm showing © as well using the [@authfield:Display_Name] received parameter.

Can't figure out how to display the associated image as well.


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There is a way to achieve this. You need to have one additional DataPage built on the authentication table and include the image field in the results or details page, this way you will be able to get a reference to the images that are stored in Caspio Files section.

So there will be a URL for each image and you can reference it as:


b2.caspio.com should be replaced by your own specific Caspio server found in the deploy code of any of your DataPages.

XXXXX should be replaced by the Appkey of your referenced Results Page displaying all your images.

[@field:myFile] should be replaced with the name of your file field.

You can also refer to Bridge How To section to read more FAQs.


Bahar M.

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To display the image of the user who is logged in, you just need to call this authentication field in the Header. 


Make sure that the file field contains '/' to render it as an image. 

Here is the code for that as well.

<img alt="" src="[@authfield:Photo/]" style="width: 200px; height: 200px; margin: 1px;" />


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