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Screen Records In Tabular Report



Hi, is there a way of filtering the records in a Tabular Report where a manager can see ALL records created by everyone but the employee can see only the records they've created based on their email login? This means everyone has access to the report but the employee view of the report is restricted. I've looked at Views and Authentications but I understand these control access to datapages.

I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction

Thanks in anticipation :)

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What I can recommend is for you to have 2 copies of your report datapage. One for each user.


1st datapage:

Authenticate using Manager authentication and leaving Record Level Security as disabled

2nd datapage:

Authenticate using Users authentication and enabling Record Level Security.


As of now that is the method I know and used whenever I have multiple roles in my app.

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Hi @RonAnderson,

They have a feature in the platform called Record Level Security for authenticated DataPages. I believe this could work for your workflow, not enabling it for your manager and enabling it for your other users.

Here are some links that can help you set it up:




I hope this helps!

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Hi @Kronosthanks for your pointers. I've been working with them now for 2 days and still haven't been able to make Record Level Security. I believe I have to build a View and Authetication for each Role level of security. Is this correct and if so how do I change the datapage authentication from one role to another?

I can build the Views and Authentications but I'm struggling to make them work with the individual Datapages. The videos don't seem to cover this aspect.

I'm genuinely grateful for your help and hope you can get me "over the line"

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