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DataPage that allows guest to register in Directory



I've been playing around with Directories (beta). First, it would be useful to assign authentications to Groups directly instead of using a view to filter by some other field. Second, it would be helpful to cleanup the URL branding somehow - a new user might feel like the site was hijacked by Caspio when the URL jumps to xyz123.caspio.app instead of linking within the current domain.

My immediate issue is that I would like guests to be able to register on our platform directly. Directories seems to handle contacts already in the Directory but there is not a built-in set of external registration forms. We have a simple registration form that collects First Name, Last Name and Email address. The system sends an email welcoming the user and it includes a link that must be used within 2 hours to establish a password. Directories does not yet have this functionality.

If I use our original registration form with the Directory, the user can establish a password BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME PASSWORD AS THE DIRECTORY. So, the user gets forwarded to the Directory sign-in page and their newly established password is useless. They would need to click the forgot password button and go through a similar workflow to establish the official Directory password. This process seems to render the Directory functionality somewhat useless due to the poor user experience. I don't see an option for a New User Registration page where they can setup First, Last, Email and Password in a single step (or two-step using an email verification).

Also, although Groups does not seem to do much yet, will we have a way to automate group assignment? For example, a hidden field on a registration page automatically assigns the user to a specific group while a different registration page automatically assigns the user to a different group, etc.

Thank you!

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Up to now Directories seem a feature developed only for some enterprise CASPIO customers. To be truly usable it miss of:

  1. A forgot password mechanism , allowing users to recover their psw 
  2. A self-registration capability

BUT I really believe that they are working on it.  And who knows, maybe in the end we will also have other useful features available!

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