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Send Email triggered action to send email only once



I have created a data page that allows a record to be 'flagged' via a checkbox. (photo below)

I am finding that if someone goes into the record to update another field, the email will resend. The only way I can think to combat this is by having the 'Flagged' checkbox untick itself once the email is sent so if other fields are updated, it wont register that the checkbox isn't ticked.

Appreciate all help


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Hi @CFSol, that's actually the easiest idea! However, it might defeat the purpose of the checkbox. Not sure about your workflow but it might also cause confusion if the record is viewed and they see that "Oh, this record hasn't been flagged yet." So they might just check the checkbox and cause sending the email again,

A solution I can provide is by adding a new condition to make sure the email will be sent IF and ONLY IF, the checkbox was updated to TRUE. This solution will basically require you to just add a couple of things to your existing trigger. First, make sure to also join the table where you are updating so we can compare the OLD checkbox value to the NEW checkbox value.



I hope this helps! :) 

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