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accessing external web service from Caspio

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We need to do this:

1. Collect data for first page with embedded Caspio datapage form.

2. When user moves to next page (or, in some cases, the next field on the form), we need to be authenticating, from an external web service, the data entered on the page or field just exited (while user is entering the next piece/set of data).

--Check with external web service to authenticate the info (eg, make sure the entered address is a USPS deliverable address and put the address in proper USPS format)

--Edit the Caspio record with the cleaned up data. Or--if the data doesn't validate (eg, a non-deliverable mail address)--create a "flag" so that when the entry pages are finished, we can go back to this page and get better data.

3. Etc. for each new "page" of data.

So the question is:

Is there a way to build a "trigger" into the Caspio DB that will access the external web service and run the authetication and data update automatically? Is this something we would use Caspio Web Service for?

If not, what's the best way to do this (architecturally)?

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I do not think in this case you need to use Caspio Web Service. As I understand you would like to get the value through a Caspio Web Form then call an address validation web service then return the results back to Caspio.

You can write a Javascript program to listen the onblur event for the address field, calling the web service, parse the XML returned and insert the data in the fields. The Javascript can be place in an HTML Block, Header or Footer in the DataPage.


Bahar M.

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