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Passing two parameters to a single field



I am trying to create a many to many relationship. I have found this to be quite hard in the standard system however found a simple work around (or so I think) and wanted to know if it is possible to pass the unique ID from two different tables into one field on a separate table.

For example:

Table 1 = projects

Table 2 = vendors

Table 3 = bidder list

each table has a unique ID. I would like to take the ID of the Project and ID of the Vendor and combine them into the Bidders list table as the unique ID. This will allow the owner of the project to track which vendor has signed up to bid the project as well as allow the vendors to see which project they are signed up to bid.

If ths is not possible how can I creat a many to many relationship with out much custom codeing?

I am a bit new to all of this so any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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How about having a "projID" and "projOwner" in the projects table, and "vendorID" in the vendors table?

Then in the bidders_list table you'd have all 3 fields.

This way a project owner can check his own projects (and who bid on them) and the vendors can check which projects they have bid on.

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