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Can I get Caspio to total results in a column?



I have a search and report data page that can return different combinations of product order totals (as in by product type, customer and year ordered). The last column is always the total number of products in each order (an order might be for one item or many). Can I get Caspio to add up the totals and deliver the total number of products ordered for that search result, as in the total number of orders in 2009 from a list that gives every individual order (again, an order could be one item or many) in 2009?

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Calculations are not standard feature of Caspio however it is on the feature request list to be considered in future releases. At this time as a workaround solution you use Java Script programming to perform the calculation, here is a forum post which might be similar to what you are asking for, please check it out:



Bahar M.

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