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SQL Server error:Invalid column name



Can anyone explain this: when I do a "SelectRawData" call to Caspio DB with the web service I get strange results depending on what I do with the "Criteria" field.

--if I use field "Customer", which is an autonumber field, the query runs fine.

--if I use any other field (eg, "LastName = Jones"), I get this strange error message:

Fault faultcode: soap:Client, faultstring {SQL Server error: Invalid column name 'Boo'.}

Why would the ws try to treat the field content (Jones) as a column name (LastName)? (Trying to put single quotes around 'Jones' doesn't seem to help.)

The WebService API documentation says that the SelectRawData call Criteria field is an SQL 'where' query without the 'where'. As far as I know, this is a valid SQL query:

Select age from tblStuff where LastName = "Jones"
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You know, all the time I wasted trying to figure out the undocumented features of this product, I could have build my own LAMP project 3 times over.

Just by chance I discovered the answer to my query. I was trying to enter an email address with an UpdateData query and got this error message:

Fault: faultcode: soap:Client, faultstring: {SQL Server error: The multi-part identifier "generic2@somemail.com" could not be bound.}

"multipart' immediately suggests a possible need for quotation marks, so I experimented with entering the ValueList item as "'generic@somemail.com'" and lo-and-behold, it worked. Weird. A string within a string?

Anyway on another hunch I tried putting one word into the ValueList field:


and I got the same error message that this thread started with (the strange message about "Invalid Column Name"). And putting the double set of quotes (" 'bread' ") removed that error message and let the UpdateQuery work.

I'm beginning to believe that this ridiculously incomplete "API" for the WS is just put out there to trap people into needing their $250/hour coding services.


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