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relational pages/passing parameters



I have been working on getting a relational page set up. Cannot get parameter passing to work.

I have a vendors table and a details table. One to many relationship.

I have set up a search/report page which displays my vendors with an HTML link to details.


I am using my personal Verizon account for testing this before I go to the bother of setting up a page on our business website. (Work site is a lot of bother and not flexible to play with)

My first datapage displays fine and my details links have this html when clicked....

http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeqswxa/vendors/id3.html?&VendorNam=APPLE COMPUTER INC&cbResetParam=1

Vendor name seems to be there correctly but I end up with a 404 error

Could this be a Verizon problem....possibly the site not allowing the java script? Although the Vendor page with javescript seems to work fine.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dan,

What is the design tool you use to create your web pages? Basically the site builder that you are using is not allowing to pass parameters in the URL.

As you see when you delete the ? and the rest, it works fine but if you add even only one parameter like ?id=1 you will see it sends you to a page not found. You need to ask the site builder tool support how you can set the URL accept parameters.

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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Hi, Novice Caspio user here (and novice at web design), wondering if anyone can help me


I have successfully imported two Access data tables into Caspio and have built simple Search & Select pages that display fine on my web site.

However I really need my details page to be relational and show data from both tables. The one to many links work fine in access and the field names match etc.


I've followed the guidance, enabled the parameters and built a search page plus separate "details" pages to display data from both tables - one is a details page report and the other a tabular report. I have added an html box in the search page showing where the results should be displayed.


However I cannot get the data to display on the web site. It simply produces a box that says "no records found".


My understanding is that

1) I deploy the search page into Page A of my web site

2) The added html code in that search page sends the results (ie the details pages) to be displayed on Page B of my site

Correct me if the above is wrong


My questions are:

a) Am I supposed to deploy the "details" pagess to Page B of my site? or do I just leave Page B blank (I have tried this both ways but still don't get anything displayed - I just want to know what is the right way)

B) How does the search page know which "detail" pages to call?  Sorry if that sounds like a daft question. In the "details" report there is an option to link the page to the search form. Am I supposed to tick this? If so what do I put in the search url? - the caspio address or my web site's address

c) If the answer to b is affirmative, how would I do this on the tabular report which doesn't have these options?


Thanks in anticipation, Simon









Someone else raised

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I think I answered my own questions. Just in case anyone ever posts similar question...

1 & 2 ) Correct assumptions

a) Yes

B) No

c) N/A


in the end I found there was a typo in my html block - embarrassing. Corrected it and hey presto the code worked and the pages appeared.

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