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Trigger to Create Multiple New Entries on a Different Table



Hi everyone! I'm looking for help with the following:

For my project, an "Enrollment"  will consist multiple "Lessons". The number of lessons each enrollment has could vary. It could have 6 lessons, 12 lessons, 18 lessons, etc. (also known as lesson_total)

To give you an idea, here's how they are related.


I created a DataPage so that the user can add entries in tbl_enrollment.

I want to set up a trigger so that if an entry in tbl_enrollment is created, multiple entries under tbl_lesson will be created, with the same enrollment_ID's. The number of entries created will depend on lesson_total in tbl_enrollment.

For example, if user inputted "12" in lesson_total (in tbl_enrollment), there would be 12 new lesson_ID's with the same enrollment_ID in tbl_lesson.


I hope someone could help me! Thanks!! 

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