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Display 2 Bar Chart Report Datapages on One Datapage that triggers both charts off One Search Field




I have 2 bar charts. One is Sales by State which just counts the total records in the table by state. The other one is Sale Amount by State which is a stacked bar chart comparing Average Sale Amount vs Total Sales in each state. I want the end user to be able to submit the "date range"  for the sales one time at the top of the data page and then both charts get triggered/generated on the same datapage below the search.

Would also be nice if there was a way to pass timestamp on pageload into the end date range to load total data into each of the charts on the page load.

I have already created both of these charts and they both work, but they have separate date range searches. Hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction here. Thanks!

sales by state.png

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Hello @dhills,

You need to apply the approach for the dashboards.

This video can be helpful: 


The idea is the following:

1) To create a Search form that is actually a Submission form with Virtual fields.

Pass dates as parameters.

2) On the Chart DataPages use the 'Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria' option for the Search and receive dates as parameters.

3) Deploy 3 DataPages on 1 webpage.

As for the Timestamp, you may set it up like this: 

Timestamp time zone depends on the Time zone selected in Localization applied to the DataPage.



Please update this thread if you have further questions. 

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