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Change sort order field programmatically based on Search choice, instead of user doing it in results




Is it possible to change the field that's used for a simple sort order, depending on the Search field used, in a tabular/list datapage? I have two Search fields: "Article" and "Workflow" that bring up results. When the user Searches by "Article" the results need to order by field "Article_Order". When the user Searches by "Workflow" it needs to filter by field "Workflow_Order". The user will never Search by both at the same time. 

I need to do this programmatically so the user doesn't have to use the dropdown or column label sort as it would be confusing to them. I also hate to have to have 2 separate datapages just to deal with the different sort scenario. 

I imagine the first, easiest part is to remove any ordering from Results Options. But then, how do you put in OrderBy for the results, in either javascript or some kind of css? 


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If anyone needs the same solution, here's a scenario that works: 

In the Search form, when the user makes a selection from a search field, send a value to a Virtual Field. For example, if my user searches via Article I send the value "article" to Virtual 1. If the user searches via Workflow I send "workflow" to Virtual 1. (before submitting). 

2. In Virtual 1 , On Exit send the value as a parameter. In this example, I use [@type]. 

3. In the Results use a calculated field to get the parameter. In this example calculated field 1 would be '[@type]'. 

4. In another calculated field use CASE/WHEN to grab values from different fields, depending on the Calcfield:1 value. In this example Calculated field 2 would be CASE
WHEN [@calcfield:1] = "article" THEN
WHEN [@calcfield:1] = "workflow" THEN

5. Make sure to hide Virtual 1 in the Search form, and both calculated fields in the results. 

6. In the Results Options section use Calculated Field 2 for the sole Order By field. 

This way, depending on which field the user selects to search by, the results will be ordered by the relevant field. 

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