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connect Article reference nr. to virtual field Description




I have a website where i sell products.

I have approx. 40 fields in the Ordertable to put in the products (wich are choosen trough drop-down lists and puts only the ref.nr. of the product as reference(field for value).

I cannot put in the Article description, because the MS Access table import does not allow that much value to import (using the SOAP plug-in from Caspio).

The problem is that i can only show Rer.nrs. of the article in a shopping-basket view on the website.

I also tryed different ways with Caspio Views, but it does'nt work...

I would like a kind of Virtual field that i can use to display the article description related to the Article Ref.Nr.

Can someone help me with this?



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thank you for the answers.

CSV is not automatic (automation).


I have different fields in the ordertable like: FishChoice1, Fishchoice 2, Meatchoice1, meatchoice2...

and then i have a lookup table TblArticles wich i use in the dropdown to fill-in the choices (meatchoice1 etc...) and i can not set the description of the article as "field of value" because MS Access does'nt allow so much info coming in trough a soap connection per table...

But i can't create a view of this... (combined the TblOrders and TblArticles).

Is'nt there a way to do this?



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Hi Bart,

You need to have the tblarticles which includes the product ref number and the product description inside Caspio. So you will have the tblOrders which includes the product ref numbers and tblarticle which includes the descriptions. Then create a View to join these two tables inside Caspio on the ref number field and use this View for your reports to display the description rather than the ref number.

If this does not answer your question please explain your project and its relation to Access as I am not sure why Access limitation is related to this case, I read the original post and your last comment couple times but still does not understand what Access plug-in has to do with making Caspio View?


Bahar M.

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Hello Bahar,

it is still not possible because you have multiple fields(products refs.) in the order tabel, and only one Ref. field in the Article table..

Maybe it is better that you can see it for yourself on my account.

You have the permission to enter it from me, the username is bartus.

In Views you can see 2 views, one with 1 ref. nr connected, wich works, and the other view with multiple connections (2) wich don't work..



ps. the relation to Access is that the amount of text(data) per row is to big to import trough a soap connection in a access table. The problem is not the table limitation,, but the row limitation. Because i can query the article export file with ref.nr and description(agregate in access query) and use this in the lookup dropdown(in caspio), but afterwards i can not import it anymore in access(the orders).

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