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Decimals for latitude/longitude in results page (javascript)



I have a results page that displays a series of dates with corresponding measurements for each date with the results being graphed. Rather than use a details page I want to display nonrepetitive data in the results page using javascript. Here is a sample of the script with the field name being "latitude":

if('[@field:latitude]' > 0)







This code displays a latitude with only two decimal places rather than the six decimal places of the value contained in the source table. (e.g. latitude 43.760937 is displayed as 43.76) This can be overcome by including the latitude and longitude fields in the results page but you end up with latitude/longitude columns in the results grid that simply repeat themselves for each record. If there is a way to include lat/long in the results and hide them somehow or some javascript fix I would very much like to know. Thanks in advance!

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