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Email Notifications - Certain Customers only



Can Alert/Notification emails be sent to only certain customers that require them?

I have a table with a field "Receive_Alerts", this is a yes/no type. If the customer requires a notification it should look at the table and if checked "Yes" then send the email if checked "No" then no email is sent. I cannot find where to add a parameter for this notification if it is available.

I have the "Receive_Alerts" in the form and have parameters enabled but still cannot seem to find this option.

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Hello, pskeens73.

I have a workaround for you. At least, in my case it's working.

You need a "unique" date/time field in your table.

There are two possibilities to add "unique" date/time field:

a) delete all the existing records (if you just design your application, you can delete all the records -- see "Edit" menu item in Table Datasheet) and then add new column into table with unique option enabled;

B) (you already use this table and want not to loose your existing data) add new column, then set all the values in it to unique values, then enable unique option in Table Design.

You need two DataPages: "Forms - Submission Form" & "Forms - Single Record Update". Enable parameters in both Forms. The main idea -- you separate adding a record and sending email onto two steps. After a form is submitted -- user will see the 2nd empty form with the only one button: SEND EMAIL (text is custom).

So, in case user doesn't want to receive email, he just closes this form without to click SEND EMAIL button on 2nd form.

1) Submission Form DataPage.

- Add unique "Date/Time" field onto, setup for element Timestamp and On exit: Pass field value to next page.

- In 'Destination and Triggers' you can setup, that another DataPage will be opened. Setup your 2nd DataPage as destination.

2) Single Record Update.

- Setup, that unique ID field is Date/Time, so the parameter name is the same. Make sure, parameter sent from Submission Form and received on Single Record Update are the same.

3) Do not insert your "Yes/No" field into Submission Form ('No' value by default). Insert it to Single Record Update form with the Hidden form element, and YES value. Add HTML block with the text (sample): "Congratulations! In case you would like to receive additional info from us, please click this button". By default, the "Update" button displayed on Single Record Update form.

4) Since WebForm cannot be created without to enter all the unique fields onto it, add your Date/Time field to Single Record Update. You also can setup TimeStamp form element, so users will not see it.

5) Add Acknowledgment email. Add email field onto Single Record update. You also can setup 'hidden' form element to it. So, the email field will be used in Acknowledgment email.

So, when user clicks to update the Yes/No value is changed to YES, acknowledgment email is sent.

6) Last issue. To change default "Update" button text to custom "Send mail", you need use Localization. Create new Localization. Go to Forms.Details / Buttons / Update and setup your desirable text.

Then you need assign this localization to your Single Record Update form. This could be done on 2nd step in DataPage wizard.

That's all.

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