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Need client to download results & email to me automatically



I need a client to be able to run a search, view the results as a table and

then be able to email me the download.zip file without them having to

first download the file, save it on their machine, open their email program

attach it, etc., etc. I need a "one button" solution please?

It could employ a caspio submit form where the download.zip file gets

attached to an email that comes to me.

It could open the clients own email program with the .zip file attached.

It might involve some java on my webpage where caspio is embedded

that would make a button to copy the .zip file to their clipboard and

then open their email or a caspio submit form, attach the file and send

it to me.

The very "employ" code that allows copying to user clipboard might be

the starting point? I know there is a clever way to do this...any ideas?

GREATLY appreciated if someone can come up with a solution!

Alternatively, I only need one field of the search results emailed to me.

If there is a way to use submit forms, parameters, etc., that's another


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hi gebbiepress,

I m new to caspio bridge too. I see that you have a long explanation of what you want to do with CB.

Can you break it into one by one steps...i might help you if I cleary understand your issue.

so far, i understood that you need one button that does all your task. So what tasks that button should do:?:

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