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Formatting Yes/No Field in Database



I'm working on a datapage and I have a yes/no column on this page. Instead of the column showing either "Yes" or "No", I would like it to show check marks to represent Yes and blanks to represent no.

I tried changing the formatting settings for this field to custom, but I can't find out how to make a custom check mark symbol; there doesn't seem to be one in the font and it doesn't seem to accept images. Is there anyway to do this?

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Hi ray985,

As i know, checkboxes are the fields that are editable. You can either check it or uncheck it. Such editable options are not available in result page. The result page is only for displaying records. But if your datapage is either a web form or update datapage, then you can create a checkbox instead of Yes/No. to do this, in your 'configure field' window of your datapage, select 'form element' as 'checkbox'. Thats it. You will get your check box.


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Thanks. That makes sense. I was just looking for a way to show results as a check mark or check box. Instead of a columns of "Y" or "N", just have checks or no checks. I just think it looks a lot nicer on a results page than Y or Ns, but I can't figure out how to do it.

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Hello everyone! This seems to be a little late but I found out that we can now use HTML symbols now. 

Here's how my Yes/No fields show up on my Tabular Results page:



What I did was I used the custom formatting option for the field: 


And then I used HTML code for the symbols which I got from here. I was also able to choose a color for each icon through the color for value option.



I hope this helps :-) 


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