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Need to have login information auto-entered into new records



I have a datapage that is protected in a folder and limited by a field called username, which is linked to my applications user table. Caspio is asking the user to log in to enter a record into this datapage, so I know that Caspio knows who the user is. In order to protect the records that the user creates, I would like to have the username field auto-populated with the users username. I would have thought that this would automatically happen so that every record this user enters would only be available to them. How can I get this field to auto-populate with the users login information?

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You said ''every record this user enters would only be available to this particular user". Do you mean that you are creating a datapage which should show only the information that is related to the specific user?? If yes, then you might want to use Record Level Security. http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting- ... -security/

But I see you are also talking about auto populate the login information. If you want to auto populate login information to a datapage, then you can receive the parameter in that field as [@authfield:FIELDNAME] where FIELDNAME is the name of the field which holds your login information eg: [@authfield:username] where username is the name of the field from authentication table.


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