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Results open on different page on my site based on criteria!




Please help with this if you can. I would like to have caspio display my results datapage in a different page on my site (different URL) depending on what link or linked image someone clicks on. The links would be part of my html website....not inside of a caspio datapage.

For example:

Link A

Link B

Link C

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

If a user clicks on "Link A" I would like the webpage "http://www.mysite.com/linkA.html" to load AND only have the parameter [@LinkA] results displayed on that page.

If user clicks LinkB, page LinkB.html would load and only LinkB results would be displayed.....etc.

So in summary, Is there a way to have caspio display my datapage results based on the URL address of my webpage.....or tell the results page to display a certain value without having to create multiple datapages. I would like to have 25 pages on my site that all have the same caspio embeded code that would display different results based on what page of my website you are at without having to create 25 different datapages.

Any replies are appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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You can create the link in your web page and pass the parameter as a query string. Then, in your datapage which has been deployed in this new web page, receive the parameter. You can then filter your results based on this field...

hope i m not so late....


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Someone please help! I dont think my question was answered correctly. So I have three pages, for example:




When someone clicks on one of these links ON MY WEBPAGE, NOT INSIDE OF CASPIO I need the URL to open and show only the results of that page (using a report datapage embedded on that page...I dont want to use a forum datapage and have the user input anything:

www.mysite.com/dogs.html --> datapage that shows only dogs records

www.mysite.com/cats.html --> datapage that shows only cats records

www.mysite.com/birds.html --> datapage that shows only birds records

I only want to use one datapage...I dont want to have to create three different ones for each page. I want the URL to know that when it is open that it should only display the relevant information.

Should I be using something like this?






Sorry if all this is confusing but its difficult to explain. I know someone can tell me exactly how to do this without thinking, I just cannot figure it out. Please help!

Thanks again!

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As per my understanding, you have a main page. In this main page, you have three links. Suppose,

1) to get info about dogs, hit here_for_dogs.

2) to get info about cats, hit here_for_cats.

3) to get info about birds, hit here_for_birds.

The word here is a hyperlink. You can set up the link like:


Similarly for cats and dogs.



Now, the deploy code of datapage to show the information should be pasted in "http://www.mysite.com/animal.html" . You will need only one datapage.

Creating datapage:

When you create the datapage, you have to enable advanced options and parameters. And receive the parameter(animalcategories) which will filter your records.

hope this helps...

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