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Passing Parameters When Multiple Results are Shown



My problem exist in my search functionality:

Currently if I search for a specific ID3 ie #11611 my paramaters are passed correctly all the way through my main interface page.

My problem is when I search in a different field ie (Name) and multiple ID's are related. If i click on a specific ID#, similar to what is done above but this time their are many ID numbers to click on, it will not pass parameters correctly.

What am I doing wrong?

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This way you should pass the name as the parameter and receive it in the report. You will get couple names with different IDs. What is the reason of searching by name? If you want to look for a specific record then you need to pass a unique field to pull it up. Name is not usually unique though.

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Are you passing the parameters through URL? You can pass more than one parameter as in the example below:

http://www.domain.com/myresults.htm?par ... er2=number

Also if any of these parameters may be blank and the results must ignore that parameter you should add &cbResetParam=1 to the end of the parameter in order to tell the browser to clear the cache otherwise browser remembers the previously passed parameter if the parameter in the current session is left blank.


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