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selecting multiple values from a list passing parameters



I have separated my search page from the results page and created a submission page that contains the virtual parameters : [@Topic], [@Type], and [@Instrument]. They are all listbox types. I want to allow selection of more than one value for each field. I tried to use the java script recommended by Caspio (I do not know java), but i get the error: " 'x,0' is null or not an object". Can someone please help me figure tell me what's wrong with my script? :

/* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */

var Type = "InsertRecordType";

var x=document.getElementsByName(Type);


var Topic= "InsertRecordTopic";

var x2=document.getElementsByName(Topic);


var Instrument = "InsertRecordInstrument";

var x3=document.getElementsByName(Instrument);


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If you are having a submission page which works as a search page then you probably are using virtual fields to perform the search. Make sure if all the parameter IDs are correct in the code. The ID should be something like cbParamVirtual1 instead of InsertRecordXXXX.

You can use firebug to inspect the code and get the ID. If you provide the link of the page I can help you on that.

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Hi, TCECdb1:

I am having the same exact issue - and was asked to request coding services from Caspio. I am also trying to retain the ability to do multi-select while using parameters (as I have submission and results form) on same page. Seems like you were able to get it to work. I would appreciate if you could guide on the solution you came up with. There is at least two other threads in the last few days on the exact same issue, and it would be useful to have a guidance on the solution.



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