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When using yes/no checked only display those checked



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Hi Thanks,

I made a view and filtered by all the fields that will have checkboxes. It looks like the view is looking for items that have ALL of these fileds checked and since I will never have anything like htis, it doesn't contain anything.

Maybe it would help if I added some more detial. Basically, I am creating a db of machines with a large variety of fetures on them. Each machine is unique by the combination of these features. There are a very large of number of potential machine features, perhaps only ten or so which apply to any given machine. In my report, I do not wnat to show the multitude of possibilities, but rather just the ones that apply to this one machine. Maybe the view idea is the best way and I am just not creatng it properly. The way I created it was to filter the machines by all of the features set to yes. In reality, I want to filter by any combination of features set to yes , but not all of them.

Does this help?



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So, as I understand, you want something like this :

feature1 OR feature2 OR feature3 OR......

If this is correct then, you do not have to construct a view. While creating a report, use predefined criteria for search. Then, in 'Search and Report - Select Filtering Fields ', choose 'Results that match any criteria(OR)' at the bottom of this wizard.

If you have different formula that connects feature1, feature2,....please write the formula.

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The search criteria doesn't have anything to do with the items features. As an example, lets say that I want to search for items in a given industry, country and state. Then, when I display the items that meet this criteria, I just want to display ONLY the features of that item marked 'checked' in the details of the report results.

Thanks for the help!

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Hello Tom ,

In that case you can add a HTML block in the "Configure Details Page Fields" screen if you'd like to have only Yes values on the "Details" page of a Gallery report, place all checkboxes in that block and then with the help of Javascript just check and display only those with values = Yes. Below, suppose that I have only 3 checkboxes in my table:

if ('[@field:Fieldname1]'=='Yes')

document.write("Label1:" + '[@field:test1]');

if ('[@field:Fieldname2]'=='Yes')

document.write("Label2:" + '[@field:test2]');

if ('[@field:Fieldname3]'=='Yes')

document.write("Label3:" + '[@field:test3]');

Hope that helps. :mrgreen:

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