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Creation of a Details page



I am managing a database containing more than 3,500 names. For each name, I have several activities that are linked to this contact (in total more than 38,000 records)

Consequently I created two datapages, one containing the names (Candidats) and indexed with an autonumber, the other one called Details and indexed with an integer. Those datapages have been put on two different pages on my website and work perfectly well. Neverthless when I try to retrieve the activities (contained in the Details datapage) for a specific name (Candidats), I get all activities for all names, not only the requested ones.

I created a specific view, including to 1 to many relationship existing between the tables. I tested with inner join, right or left, nothing works. I still get the whole Details report.

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance

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Are you passing the autonumber to the nest report page which will pull up the activities? If it is ok for you please provide me the URL of the page to see why it is not retrieving correct records.

There is a tutorial that has a close example to what you are trying to do at http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... pages.html. It helped me a lot in my implementations. Hope will help you as well. :D

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