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One to many relationships



I need to create a database to catalog archives.

I have one table for the box No and barcode and another table for the document information records of whats in each box.

I need to enter the Box number, then enter all the documents and once decided if the archive should be kept or destroyed, put in the barcode number for the storage company who will keep and retrieve the box.

If I create a one - many relations ship I should be able to pass the box No into the Document table but then I need to go back to the Box table and put in the Barcode table at the end.

I do not want to re-enter the box number for every document record.

Could anybody tell me how I set that up?



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You can create a submission page based on box-no table and have this page as the destination after submission of information datapage. Then pass the box-no value you received in this page to the page you have created based on box-no table. If it does not answer the question then please give me the link of the page and provide more info.

:idea: :idea: :idea:

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