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Updating a table from a DataPage



I have a data capture page (DATAPAGE1), where the user enters up to fifty names into my master table.


Each name is a field within a record.


Record 1 has fields for

Business name


Contact email

name 1

name 2

name 3

name 4

name ......


name 50


I then have another data page (DATAPAGE2), which also updates records in my master table where I want a drop down  that lists all of the names in a record to become options.

My thinking is that I need a triggered  action in my master table, that when the name records are entered or updated, it automatically adds those names to another table called "staff names"

I can then use the "staff names" table as my dropdown source in DATAPAGE2


I can't fathom a way to do this... can anyone help?!

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Hello Adrian,

As a best practice, I would recommend to avoid repeating fields in a table if you can separate and use relationships. If I understand, you want to have the employees of a given business on a table and be able to lookup through them.

You could achieve that with two tables, one for the business information and another with the employees. The structure would look like:image.png.1f6884581a9e7ecec158831eaaa6ffb5.png
Then, lets say that you want to submit a business and employees at the same time. You could then use a multi-form implementation. First you ask for the business information and in the next step for the employees to add. Using this solution:  https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/how-to-create-a-multi-page-form/

With that structure, you will be able to use the employees table as a Lookup table for your dropdowns without having to create complex triggered action. It will also make your DataPage look better and it will avoid problems with performance once your master table gets filled with many records.

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