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Download entire caspio table or view to Microsoft Excel using REST API




I was using MIcrosoft office caspio plug in that connected my excel table with caspio by SOAP API. and it worked just perfect. But this feature will be closed in june 2024.

My question is HOw am I able to download the table or vie to MIcrosoft Excel using REST API.

How to set it up, how to connect it and so on. I have been searching and studying it for quite a long time, I give up. please help.

thanx. Lukas

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Hi Lukas,

To be able to download the tables or views to an Excel programmatically from Excel(without any external service, like the plugin you mentioned), you will have to utilise Excel built-in Power Query or VBA. 

The script should be able to generate the credentials(which I do not think will be very secure if anyone that has access to Excel can view/modify/delete your Caspio tables), then identify which table or view it has to access and it will have also have to process the JSON response(which can be very tricky).

It is not only about programming and understanding how REST APIs work but also the difficulties in troubleshooting the issues that will arise during the development, building this kind of script/plugin can be very challenging if you have no prior experience with programming or REST APIs. 

Make(  https://www.make.com ), Zapier ( https://zapier.com ), the export feature or the download option from the page in Caspio might be the best options to download the tables and views to Excel. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/how-to-make-the-search-results-downloadable-for-my-users/

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