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Triggered action for direct changes to a table - not via a DP?



I occasionally make changes directly in a table - changing a user from active to inactive (checkbox).  I would like to set up a trigger to move their account info to another table (Inactives) when I uncheck the active box.  I can where a Task might accomplish that but I would prefer it be automatic.  And dont really need a DP for the work I do in this table.


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Thanks Cooper.  I guess that wasn't the clearest of questions.  Let me try to clarify.  I want to be able to deselect the field Active in the TABLE and have it then move that user to the Inactive table.  I suspect changes in a data table can not have triggers applied to them - only via a DP?


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Hello @roattw,

If I understand your request, you doubt that the Trigger works if the data changes directly in the table.

The Trigger is executed when the data is inserted/updated/deleted through the DataPage, directly in the Table, or through the REST API.

So, you can uncheck the 'Account_Status' checkbox in the Table (without DataPage), and the Trigger will apply its logic.


If you need to insert data into another table and delete the record from the initial table when the checkbox is unchecked, please refer to the example below.

For example, I have the 'tbl_Users_' table and the 'Inactive_users' table. 
The Join should be on the unique field in the 'tbl_Users_' table. In my example, it is the 'User_ID' field.


Feel free to ask questions, if this is not a result you expect. 

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