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How to reorder DataPage fields without losing properties?



Hi all,

Been using Caspio for a couple of hours now. Overall very impressed, but this particular issue is driving me nuts.

Let's say I've created a DataPage with 20 or so fields and taken the time to painstakingly customise all the field properties so everything works sweetly - password confirms, lookups, image resizer settings etc etc.

I then go and add a new field to the underlying table.

I then add (>) this new field to the DataPage and it puts it at the end of the list.

Is there a way to then bump that field up the list, say to the middle somewhere?

With a table, you have the move up / down buttons in the toolbar, but with a DataPage, the only way I can see to reorder the fields is to remove them all (<<), re-add them all (>>) and reconfigure ALL the field properties, again.

I then have to go through the same reconfiguration process for all the other dependent reports, forms etc etc.

Surely there has to be a button or shortcut key I'm missing here?



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