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DataPage Create New Entry Field Based on Variable

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I am working on an app that has several moving parts. The variable in question (X) will be provided in a previous data page and I can reference the number. I want to then use that number to create (X) number of text entry fields.

I know this will require some Javascript, but I can't figure out how to get JS to create entry fields.

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Hello @soundsofthetime,

It is possible to add records to the Table by the Triggered Action based on some number (X).

However, fields can not be added by JavaScript. When you create the DataPage you configure the fields.

For example, it is possible to hide/show some fields by JavaScript conditionally. 

Could you provide more details about the use case to suggest options?

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Hi @CoopperBackpack,

Basically we are trying to add fields to allow a user to name a dog. The number of name fields depends on how many dogs they need to name.

If I can use JS to show fields, that might work and I can have an upper limit (our max is 10) and just have it unhide X number of fields.

How might I go about doing that?


Thanks again!

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Hello @soundsofthetime,

I can see the following approach:

1) From the first DataPage the number of dogs should be passed as a parameter to the second DataPage.

These articles can be helpful:



For example, the value is passed from the 1st DataPage


And received on the next step:


If you don't have the 'Number_Of_Dogs' field in the table used on the 2nd DataPage, you can use the Virtual field for that. Its Form Element should be 'Hidden'.

2) Utilize Rules to hide fields. In my example, I use virtual fields to populate the names and showcase the approach. In your case, that should be the Name fields.

The logic for the Rules should be: if the number of dogs is less than 2, hide the 2nd field, if the number is less than 3, hide the 3rd field, etc. for all the fields


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