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Task Error "The Variable Name has been declared"



Hello Everyone


Well I have no programming knowledge and I'm newbie to low code, and I'm trying to build this task to send emails to users to complete their information, I don't know what I'm getting this error "The Variable Name has been declared", the variable name mentioned here is Email Field, which as you know it's essential to pull in the variable table to send the emails

moreover, I have created a pilot Task on fake tables with everything the same to test it and it worked fine, but here it gives me the error. SC is the task if someone could help me out! it's a bit long but only to contain the conditions I want to fire the emails..






2024-06-16 16 39 53.png

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I do not understand what are you trying to achieve exactly, but I think that you do not need a For each or a table variable in this case, it also seems that the WHERE conditions are repeating in the table variable and the IF.


You can simply use the send email block with a select and put those conditions in the where section, as shown in the example from the howto: https://howto.caspio.com/triggered-actions/triggered-action-elements/actions-2/send-email/#:~:text=will be sent.-,Example,-In this example

Just that you have more conditions.

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