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New field added to User authentication table - Push that data restrospectively to another table users enter data into?



We have a user auth table that has basic info: first name, Last name, email, username, and password. And members get a unique member ID of course.    We just added a new user registration field for ROLE. User-level security ties their member ID to each record they enter.  Prospectively, now when they enter a new record, a report DP shows this new ROLE field associated with their account (on enter pulls that field into DP).  But all previous entries prior to this RFOLE field addtion remain blank for the users.  Only applies to new entries. 

Trying to find an efficient way to backfill the user's ROLE into all previous DP entries they have made.  

Can a formula or calculated field call data from another table field?  I also could not get a relationship to establish between the User acct ROLE field and a similar field (member_role) in the DP that I hoped could automatically call ROLE from the User account table.  SAid relationship cannot be defined because neither field is unique (below).






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I do have an identifying field, ID.  I did apply the task on demand and all well.  Used the task below.  Any idea what the max number of records a task can be run on?

It was odd.  To test the task I duplicated the target Table (made a Table_v2).

Ran the task on all records between 1/1/2023 and current date 6/22/24.  Ran fine on ALL Records across 1.5 years.

Edit the task to now use main Table (the one I duplicated for testing).   Get an error "Cant run on that many records"  -- event though it just did run all records over 1.5 years on the duplicate test table.


So for main target table I I had add a WHERE statement and do one section of a year at a time.


Thanks, as always!



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Hello @roattw,

The maximum number of records per run in Tasks/Triggers depends on the plan. In basic plans, it is 10,000 records. 

Let`s say the Task should update the records in the Table that stores 25,000 records. The Task will fail with this error:

2083 - The number of affected records by this action exceed the number of records Tasks can process at once. Please reduce the number of records affected and try again.

To reduce the number of records, please use the WHERE clause.

If you have further questions, please update the thread.

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