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Triggered action on insert: Get 'GUID' type of inserted record to update other table.




Is there any way to get the value of a GUID (table field) of an inserted record in the main table and insert this to a child table?   I want to do this in a triggered action on 'insert data' event on the main table.

Issue: The field in the child table remains empty after the action has been triggered. (other fields are inserted just fine)

I suppose this is because the record hasn't been written to the main table yet when the triggered action is run, so the GUID does not exist yet.

Is there any way I can work around this?  

Thank you.

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Hello @Gilmay,

If you want to insert data into a child table based on inserting data in the parent table, selection from #inserted should work.

On my side, the ID value generated automatically when the new record is inserted is passed by the Trigger successfully. 

Could you share a screenshot of your Triggered Action? 



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